Hackers of all ages come together to learn!

AcademiesHacks is the first Loudoun County-based hackathon. From 9 am to 9 pm, come in to learn about computer science and make your own project. Attend workshops on app design, web development, virtual and augmented reality, machine learning, and more.


Make sure that when you register, make one account for your entire team.


8:45 to 9:15-------------------------------Check-in, Set-up, Sponsor Fair

9:15 to 9:45-------------------------------Opening Ceremony

9:45 to 12:00------------------------------Workshops

12:00 to 12:30-----------------------------Lunch

12:30---------------------------------------Deadline to submit project plans, table number, team, and categories, HACKING BEGINS

1:00 to 1:45--------------------------------How to get started in CyberSec

1:30 to 6:00--------------------------------Games and Entertainment (if you're not working)

6:15 to 7:15--------------------------------Dinner

6:45-----------------------------------------Project submission deadline

7:15 to 8:15--------------------------------Judging

8:15 to 9:00--------------------------------Closing ceremonies

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Students aged from middle school to advanced high school are welcome. 


Any relevant source code files, table number, and short description of the project (1 paragraph).

How to enter

Enter by going to academieshacks.com, use the sign-up link, and fill out the Google form. Registration ends on May 1. Make sure you confirm that you will be there when you get the confirmation email from our team. 


Jessica Chen

Tarun Ravi

Jojo Chao

Jojo Chao

Douglas Poland

Douglas Poland

Haneef Khan

Vinay Jagan

Samarth Tuli

Samarth Tuli

Kevin Zeng

Kevin Zeng

Dave Kirk

Dave Kirk

Sandeep Tuli

Sandeep Tuli

Alfred Premkumar

Judging Criteria

  • Advanced Hack
    These awards are for the top hacks in the advanced category.
  • Beginner Hack
    These awards are for the top hacks in the beginner category.
  • Machine Learning Hack
    These awards are for projects that make the best use of machine learning.
  • Web-based Hack
    These awards are for projects that demonstrate the best use of web application programming such as a website and use of google API's or AWS.
  • GameDev/Creative Hack
    These awards are for projects that demonstrate the best game programming skills or artistic talent.
  • AppDev Hack
    These awards are for the apps with the best user interface and functionality.